Knotweed Records 016 - Gamma Experiments E​.​P.




Finally Hydergine joins the Knotweed Records family! Hydergine (aka Roberto Corizzo) is a techno producer from Southern Italy. He is best known for producing raw dub techno, and has come up with a string of fantastic releases in the last 3 years on labels such as Separate Skills and Ranges.

We have been talking to each other since the early days of Knotweed Records, trying to find the right tracks for the label. Roberto approached us at the beginning of the year with some tracks that were a bit "different" than his usual productions: he was experimenting, and we liked it a lot. That's how the Gamma Experiments E.P. was born.

The A side of the Gamma Experiments E.P. is a heavy atmospheric techno bomb. Both tracks on the B side have more an acid feeling to them, incorporating weird arps, rawness and pad trips.

Enjoy the ride!

Support from Inigo Kennedy, Hector Oaks, Vincent Neumann, Thomas Hessler, Marcel Dettmann, Smauli Kemppi, Rebekah, Darko Esser, Dj Deep, Dimi Angelis, Eric Cloutier. Benjamin Damage, Arnaud le Texier, Merino, Exium, Francois X, Invite, Takaaki Itoh, Developer, Electric Indigo, Mary Velo, The Plant Worker, Lenny Posso, Ben Gibson, Anser Code Request, Alex Do, Jeroen Search, Krenzlin, Tommy Four Seven, Kwartz, Angel Molina, Paul Mac, Unbalance, Miss Sunshine, Lee Holman, Session Restore, Laurent Garnier, Plural, Aubrey and more!

Rebekah: Yes!!! Love this EP
Inigo Kennedy: Exp 5 is nice and expansive – will play
Darko Esser: Dope Release
DJ Deep: Very Nice Release
Developer: Dope, will play
Hector Oaks: Exp 3 and 1 are great!
Thomas Hellser: Nice One!
Samuli Kemppi: Full Support
Dimi Angelis: Exp 3 is so good!
Eric Cloutier: Some Killer shit from Hydergine, jaking and mental
Benjamin Damage: Nice
Nima Khak: I like the Detroit Vibe
Francois X: Dope EP
Takaaki Itoh: Full Support
Lenny Posso: Another Dope Release from this label
Ben Gibson: Lovely Stuff as always on Knotweed
Tommy Four Seven: Nice!
Unbalance: Exp 1 is fantastic
Raffaele Attanasio: Really Good release


released June 23, 2015

Written and Produced by Roberto Corizzo

Mastering and Cut: Mathieu Berthet Paris

Distribution: 712 Berlin



all rights reserved


Knotweed Records Chamonix Mont Blanc, France

All downloads are in WAV 16 bit quality

Artists: Terrence Dixon, Myles Sergé, Myk Derill, Opuswerk, Gonzalo MD, Philippe Petit, Session Restore, Lee Holman, Invite, Hydergine, Julixo, Dying & Barakat, Bleak, Benales, The Fallen, Non Reversible, Pascual ... more

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